QuickFix Plug

QuikFix Plug

Universal basin drain with QuikFix system

The QuikFix System, introduced in 2006 for bath wastes and subsequently extended to our full range of drain products with the hydraulic closing cap with SKIP-UP mechanism, has gained appreciation from our customers thanks to its simplicity of use. Over the years, our extensive experience in the sector and the continuous search for innovations have allowed us to implement this solution also in "UNIVERSAL" drains.
This solution was designed with the aim of preventing the plug from being accidentally screwed incorrectly during maintenance, thus preventing the hydraulic seal of the gasket from being compromised. Additionally, because it does not have a fixed position determined by the thread, it offers the flexibility to orient the cover plug based on the specific design you need to line up. This advantage is particularly relevant in cases where the plug has non-circular shapes, such as squares or rectangles. The ability to freely orient the cover proves beneficial even in the presence of logos or decorations, allowing for more precise positioning.
This innovation not only simplifies the maintenance process, but also offers greater aesthetic and functional flexibility in the installation of drains. This confirms itself as a versatile and innovative solution in the panorama of drain systems, responding to the specific practical and aesthetic needs of these products.


Available model

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Patent pending


PP/stainless steel waste 1” 1/4 for washbasin, “Universal” model, “QuikFix” system

Patent pending


PP/stainless steel waste 1” 1/4 with ABS plug INOX covering for washbasin, “Universal” model, “QuikFix” system.

Patent pending


PP/stainless steel waste 1” 1/4 for washbasin, “Universal” model, “QuikFix” system.

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