CGS, thanks to an almost completely integrated production cycle, is firmly placed in a prominent position as a leader in the waste system eld. Starting from the
turnery and up to the nal chromium plating, CGS imposes a standard of constant efficiency in all its activities, which is subjected to continuous checks to ensure its maintenance, reaching by this an excellent quality and reliability of its products. You can find all this in a 7.500 square meters production area (soon another 2.000 square meters will be added): 31 working centres located in the dierent production departments ensure a product of undisputed quality and reliability.
The important structure has made it possible to achieve great milestones in the last years: in 2021 around 4 million items were sold.
CGS products are distributed in 40 countries, thanks to a constant co-operation of more than 600 customers, representing an important expression of the Made in Italy all over the world.



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